haccfiles documentation


Mail is not connected to our SSO!

adding a mail account

  • We use @hacc.space for our mails
  • @infra4future.de is reserved for services, old user accounts will be forwarded & logins disabled
  • choose a name (no aliases or other names can be the same)
  • generate a sha-512 password hash mkpasswd -m sha-512 - never add an unhashed password!
  • add your account to loginAccounts = in //parsons/mail.nix
  • build and redeploy parsons


zwoelfontheshelf@hacc.space" = {
	hashedPassword = "$6$ISAaU8X6D$oGKe9WXDWrRpGzHUEdxrxdtgvzuGOkBMuDc82IZhegpsv1bqd550FhZZrI40IjZTA5Hy2MZ8j/0efpnQ4fOQH0";

adding to a forward address

  • add the mail address to the corresponding extraVirtualAliases =
  • build and redeploy parsons

adding a forward address

  • add the address to extraVirtualAliases =
  • add the addresses it should forward to
  • build and redeploy parsons


"himmel@hacc.space" = [

sending & receiving mail

as a user

  • Your mail client should auto configure correctly
mailserver: mail.hacc.space (everywhere)
username: $your_mail_address
sending via smtp: port 587 or 465
	imap: port 993
TLS and STARTTLS are supported
  • You can send mail as you and any alias you receive mail from. Set a second Identity in your e-mail client

as an application

  • mailserver: mail.hacc.space
  • Do not use port 25. It's for server to server communication only.
  • Use smtp ports 587 or 465
  • enable TLS if possible
  • only send mail from noreply@infra4future.de
  • Password is somewhere (TODO!)