haccfiles documentation


offical Docmuentation

Mumble's server is called murmur, but the naming is inconsistent. Sometimes it's also just called mumble server.



Users need to be registered to join any other channel than public. An already registered user has to register them with the server.

  1. right click on the username
  2. choose register in the menu. Done.

restricted channels

Every channel in the hacc category except for plenum can only be accessed by members of the hacc group.

adding users to a group

Only admins can edit groups, and only registered users can be added to groups.

  1. right click on the Root channel
  2. select Edit...
  3. In Groups select $groupname
  4. make the change you want to make
  5. click "OK"

Config details

  • the server is not registered with mumble & not on the public server list
  • the bitrate is set to 128kb/s; otherwise the client would complain that the server bitrate is less then the configured (default) in its local settings


  • murmur needs a TLS cert, which we get via the ACME module
  • there's a funny group setup so that hopefully murmurd can read the cert
  • this seems to work fine now, but was some source of trouble in the past